Kids Cooking Show

Your kids love to cook in the kitchen, why not make a production of it!

Let your kids pick out their favorite recipe and invite over some friends. Stage your kitchen for their cooking “show” and let them go!

They will have a ball getting a chance to show everyone how they can measure and cook.

The best part of all, everyone get’s to share the samples in the end.

Little Learners

Your kids want to learn how to start cooking. Why not have some fun and create a Cooking Learners Permit.

Take a piece of paper and glue on a picture with your child’s name and start date.

Post it on the refrigerator. Now each time your child learns a new skill write it and the date on the permit.

Now they have a visable reminder of how much they have learned and when they learned it.

Kitchen Playdate

Kids love to cook. If you do cook and don’t mind teaching and the mess, let your kids invite friends over for a Cooking Playdate.

Make sure that you have everything that you need for the recipe that they are to prepare.

Once their creation has been made you can invite their family over to share, or box it all up and send them home with their treats.

Sandwich Help I

If you are tired of fixing your kids the same old boring sandwiches, try this for a change.

Grind up some leftover ham, about a cup or so.  Add to that some Drained crushed pineapple, about 1/4 cup.  Now mix in about 1 tbs of Brown Sugar and a dash of cloves.

Store in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator until ready to use.  Spread onto bread and you have a wonderful Hawaiian sandwich!

This will make 3-4 sandwiches.

Foil Fun

It is a rainy day and the kids are just driving you crazy. All you have to do is go to the kitchen and grab a box of aluminum foil.

Sit the kids down at the table and give them all a sizeable piece of foil.

Now they are free to crincle up the foil and create any animals that they can imagine like with playdough.

Once they are done creating they can even paint them with a thin layer of tempura paint.

Ice Cream Filters

Your kids love the ice cream treats on a stick, but you are tired of cleaning up all the little spills that occur.

You can help alleviate most of them by grabbing a round coffee filter.

Poke a small hole through the center and place the stick of the ice cream treat through the hole.

Now the drips will catch on the filter instead of all over your floor and furniture.

“Picturing” Dinner

If you have younger kids you can make a menu for them. As you prepare meals, take pictures of them and place in a binder.

Now when you are ready cook dinner, you can let your little one pick out the picture of their favorite food.

As they get older and start cooking with you more, they can try to make their creation look like the one in the picture.

Mini Sandwiches

Do you get tired of making up a great big sandwich and having your toddler eat about 1/4 of it before saying that they are done?

Most stores carry mini loaves of bread that are used for making appetizers and coctail sandwiches.

Pick up a loaf and now you have the perfect sized sandwich bread for your toddler.

Smelly Lunch Bags

You are making lunches for the kids. You smell something, and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Ewww, it is the lunch bag.

Most lunch bags are now cloth with a plastic lining. To deodorize the lunch bags, wipe out the interior thoroughly with a damp soapy rag.

If the smell persists, place 1 tablespoon of bleach into 1 quart of warm water.

Soak your rag for a moment (warning, use an old or white rag as the bleach will ruin a colored rag) and wring out thoroughly.

Being careful not to drip any bleach water on the outside of your bag (it will discolor your bag) or your clothing, wipe out the interior only of the bag thoroughly. Leave the top open to air dry for at least 5 minutes.

Take a whiff, if the smell is still there repeat with previous step.

If you find that there is something that has soaked into the exterior of the bag you can spot clean it with some household cleaner (may spot or discolor depending on brand) or toss into the gentle cycle of your washing machine by itself. I will usually let mine air dry in the laundry room overnight.