Vinegar Usage IV

Vinegar is the unsung hero of the kitchen. It has plenty of uses besides just cooking.

When baking bread you can brush a little vinegar on the top just before baking and it will help keep the crust a bit softer.

If you have problems with hard water buildup on your chrome fixtures, just soak a paper towel in vinegar and place it on the affected area. After about 5 or 10 minutes, rub vigorously to remove the stain.

If you are preparing fish and you find that your hands smell more like fish than your dinner, rinse them with vinegar and then wash. This will also work with other strong odors like onions.

Table Cloths for Tools

The next time that you start a project, grab a vinyl table cloth from the local discount store, or an old one that you have lying around the house.

Place it over your work table or work bench. Now when you sand, glue paint, whatever the project may be, clean up will be a snap.

Most glues will peel off after it has dried, and you can gently lift it off and dump any shavings into a trash can.

Enlightening Pasta

You are trying to light your candles and you cannot find your box of tall matches. All is not lost! Reach into your pantry and grab a piece of spaghetti.

Light the end of the spaghetti with a lighter or a match. Now you can light all of your candles with out burning your fingers.

Do not forget to dunk in water when you are finished to completely extinguish, and NEVER leave a burning candle unattended.

Picky Tape

You are getting a box ready to ship and you grab your roll of shipping tape. An hour later you are still trying to find the end of the tape and get it pulled up to use. A simple solution is in your kitchen.

Grab a toothpick from your supply. Once you find the end of the tape and get it pulled up, place the toothpick just under the end of the tape. Now the next time that you are ready to use it simply pull up on the toothpick and the end of the tape will be released.

Packing Dishes

You are having to pack up the house to get ready to move. You have all the big stuff taken care of, but now you are down to the dishes.

The easiest way to pack your plates is to pick up a package of paper plates.

When you are ready, pack a regular plate, then a paper plate. Alternate between each one until all your dishes are packed. This will help to keep the dishes from rubbing together.

Make sure that the box is clearly marked as dishes and pack the top and the bottom very well with newspaper.

Now when you get to the new house you can unpack your dishes and still have some paper plates to use for the first few nights with out worrying about washing dishes.

Loosening Lids

You grab the jar of molasses (or enter sticky item of choice here) and you cannot get the lid off. This does happen frequently so here is how you can fix it now and prevent it from happening again.

If you have a jar lid that is stuck now, run the lid under very warm water for a few minutes. Grab a towel and gently twist off the top.

Now, to keep if from happening again….. Before you place the lid on the container, use a warm damp wash rag and gently clean the rim of the jar and the lid itself. For extra insurance you can spray the inside of the lid with a bit of cooking spray before placing it on the jar.

Old Kitchen Towels

Everyone has them in their kitchen. The towels that are the faithful standby, but you don’t want to be seen by anyone.

I have a few of those myself, and it is good! These are the towels that I use when thing are going to get really messy!

I don’t feel bad if they get ruined or stained. I use these as my “counter top” towels, and the nicer decor towels are on the handle of the range for drying hands.

If your standby towels become too worn I retire them to the garage when they can still last several more years. They are great for wiping up messy spills from vehicles and the garage, as well as washing cars.

If you need a smaller cloth, no big deal, cut cut it down in size.

If one becomes too stained, you do not need to worry about tossing it, by this time it has usually led a very full life!

I keep a separate laundry basket in the garage just for these “shop” towels. About once a month I will wash the entire load together so I don’t ruin any regular clothes.

Honey Helper

Honey is a staple in most households. Did you know that you can use it for more than just cooking? Honey can be used as an antibiodical ointment to help wounds heal.

Clean your wound with some water to remove any debris.

Place a small amount of honey to the affected area and cover with a sterile wrap.

The honey will keep the wound slightly moist for healing as well as reduce some of the swelling.

An enzyme called Inhibine in the honey will help prevent infection.

Honey is also universally been used for relief from bronchial ailments such as coughing.

Give one teaspoon as needed to help quiet a cough.

Do NOT give honey to infants under the age of one, and only give children pasturized honey as it can contain bacteria that can be very harmful to infants and children.

Chipped Cups

If your favorite china cup got chipped, don’t fret too much. You can find lots of new uses for old dishes or cups that are not quite perfect.

You can place a potted plant in the cup and place it on a windowsill or other location suited for the plant that you placed in it.

Now just turn the cup so that the chip does not show.

Now you can see the cup all the time, and your visitors will think that it is a lovely decorative piece. (If you aren’t real good at growing plants, you can use some silk ones)

Aluminum Wrap Up

Sometimes you find the perfect gift, but it is little and a little oddly shaped.

An easy way to wrap these presents is with aluminum foil.

It molds to the item easily, looks impressive with any color of ribbon.

It is also very easy for small kids to open. Just watch out for any little pieces that might choke and infant or toddler.